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 This is particularly useful if the object ball is very close to a pocket. That is, striking the cue ball on its side will cause the ball to swerve a bit in one direction before moving forwards in a straight line. This can be used to set up future shots and ensure proper placement of the cue ball after the shot. Traditionally, English refers to a side shot. First, it is important to note that as a beginning pool player it is best to not apply English to your shots as you are learning to play. That is, shooting to the left or right of center but in the center between the top and bottom of the ball. For the purposes of this article, we will use the most inclusive definition and that is that English refers to striking the cue ball with the cue tip off center. Often striking above center is called a follow shot and striking below center is called a draw shot. Applying English is a relatively simple concept to understand but actually using it can be difficult. Alternatively, making a draw shot will cause the ball to spin backwards for a short while so that when it Printed Yoga mat strikes the object ball it rolls away from the object ball. This is why you should really practice these shots before trying them out in a live game so that you know how to adjust your shot to compensate. This is where you strike the cue ball in the center between the left and right sides but you hit it above or below center vertically. A slightly broader definition of English includes top and bottom shots. Then, once the cue ball strikes the object ball, the spin that you added to it will cause it to move off to the side instead of bouncing off in a straight line. This is because a simple straight smooth shot is the bread and butter of pool playing and you must make sure that you can master this technique first and foremost.Understanding how to apply English to a cue ball can often be confusing to the beginning pool player and for good reason. It seems as if everyone has a different interpretation of what English is as it applies to pool. Something you should really watch out for, however, is what is sometimes referred to as  squirt . Make sure to practice each type of English in isolation until you are very comfortable with how it affects a shot before trying to combine various types. That begin said, it can be very useful to know and understand what effect English can have on the cue ball and the object ball (the ball you are hitting) to know what you may have done wrong when trying to make a straight shot. With enough practice you re sure to become a top shot and someone to be feared at your local pool hall. This adds a bit of spin to the cue ball as it travels towards the object ball. . When you make a follow shot, the ball spins forward faster than it is moving and so when it strikes the object ball it will continue moving forward more than it would have normally.

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